Friday, April 17, 2009

Mississippi in Memphis and St Louis

This is from our trip to Memphis. We see the Mississippi from the Missouri/Illinois views all the time and it is amazing that seeing it from the Memphis view is really not that different.

This is a picture of the Mississippi in front of the St Louis Arch - taken as I was crossing the bridge from Illinois to Missouri. (I was a passenger not driving)


Yaya said...

That's all we get? What a tease! We need more!

Bee and Rose said...

Everytime we travel across country, we battle over who's driving across the Mississippi!I always use my picture taking excuse to get out of it! lol!

I love the arch photo!

Ladykli said...

Love your photos!

We went up inside the arch a few years ago. Talk about a view, though hubby freaked out a bit due to his fear of heights! He said the floor inside the arch at the midway point felt weir to him. LOL Even our girls didn't like it so much. I thought it was so cool.