Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it time to Hibernate Yet???

Sorry I haven't posted much - I have been so busy with work and a lot of traveling and many projects!! I thought I would stop and share a few of my summer photographs.

We have been having lots of fun on the water!!!
Spending a lot of time in the woods- Very Relaxing!!

As you can tell we always have a crowd!!

Worked on a video for my Aunt - That turned 80 This year!! - Happy Birthday Aunt Paula!!

Worked on pictures for my cousins' wedding- They had a 1920's theme & they made some beautyful pictures!!

Promise to add more pictures - Sooner - Hope you all enjoyed these!!


Anonymous said...

That wedding must have been cool!

Lizzie said...

i didn't know that many people fit on one golf cart! ha ha

looks like a fun summer :)

Ladykli said...

Looks and sounds like you are having a busy summer! Good for you. Love all your photos.

Carla said...

What fun! Love your Aunt's hands:)